10 on 10 August { Light Inspired blog circle }

10th of August ?! really?! wow time flies!

This past week I’ve been very busy with weddings and portfolio photo sessions … Little A started her new nursery this month and I’m back into my working mum routine ( yeh,it might sound super organized but I still had to run this morning for milk at 7am! )

A few days ago I got the chance to go see the amazing Kirsty Mitchell talk about her Wonderland series… and it was truly amazing! so inspirational! …After the talk Nikon had some models for us to shoot, it was such an amazing day!:)Here’s a few photos from that day and what’s been going on lately ( Our Minions obsession is still there but now we share is with Mike and Sully AKA Monsters !:))

now, don’t forget to  share some love and have a look at Jessica’s blog

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