What a week!!

Last time I was in Miami I had just meet E…and now I’m here with little A, she’s loving it here! All the team in the swimming pool or beach, they have Mickey Mouse all the time on TV and rice pudding ice cream! And I’m enjoying some family time, and I love it, since we all live in different countries we only get to see each other a few times a year… The only one missing is E : (

A is becoming cheekier by the day!! She’s loving having my sister and her kids here! Her new hiding place is at her closet, and play with all the shoes! : )


I meet up with my 2 best friends and got to meet their daughters. Trouble 2.0 ! I always think how great it would be if  we all lived in the same country, but at least like this we have excuses to travel.

We still have a few more days here, Yeih!! I think tomorrow we’ll go to the seaquarium! : )

Xx S



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