Hey there and welcome! I’m Sofia, the face behind this blog , where I share bits and pieces of my life and adventures as a mum in London, my photography and all the things that inspire me, and hopefully you too.Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 12.07.35

A bit about me :  I was born in Madrid, Spain and when I was in my mid teens I moved to Argentina with my family where I eventually started working in advertising and event productions. When I was in my early twenties I had the amazing opportunity of working in NY for a film production company which then led me to move back to Spain and finish my film studies and then work for an international tv production company.

Communications has always been part of my live, I love visual and creative arts but photography is my biggest passion and now I’m lucky to say that It’s also my full time job.

In 2010 I became a first time mum, and as soon as she was born we moved to London, and here we are, living in my favorite city that I now get to experience with my little girl and partner (soon to be husband -well, that’s  if we ever start planning the wedding;)) !

In my dream life, we would live in a big house in the country, with a dog and a cat ( because he loves dogs, and she’s a little crazy cat lady in training ) and big garden with lots of flowers and an allotment and I would travel for my photography all over the world, and when I’m not traveling we’ll be doing lots of crafts and homemade stuff in our converted greenhouse or tree house in the garden!

5 things about me :

-       I meet my partner in a taxi stop at 5am.

-       I love LOVE, I’m a hopeless romantic.

-       I’m addicted to stationary and scrapbooking, stickers, notebooks ( the list is never ending )

-       I love 80’s music and video clips, specially power ballads and singing them in the car ( even though my singing is terrible!

-       Going to the cinema is one of my favorite things. I’m a film geek and I always choose the entertainment category first at trivial.

sofia plana ejercicio bailarina-1

About Running barefoot

I started blogging in 2012 to showcase my photography work but now it’s much more than that. In 2014 I transformed my blog into running barefoot, to show all my adventures in London, as a mum, as a partner, as a photographer.

Running barefoot is a blog about the creative side of life and all the things that inspire me, and hopefully you too.

If you are new to the blog here are some of my favorite and most popular post

// My photography // 

Here you’ll find the different photo sessions I do, lifestyle, families, engagement, weddings…

- Romantic outdoors wedding in Richmond park

- Overseas pre wedding in Madrid

- Romantic overseas pre wedding at Surrey’s  Lavander field

- Summer themed family taster session at the park

My work has been featured in

Love my dress  // rock my wedding // whimsical wedding wonderland // B.Loved // Envidien mi boda .

If you are looking for a photographer make sure you visit my website or send me an email to sofiaplanaphotography@gmail.com

// Inspire //

-       Direct light vs Back light

-       InstaLove foodies

-       DIY confetti

-       DIY flower crown

// Explore //

-       Baby loves disco

// Cook //

-       easy pizza with kids

-       marshmallows rice krispies egg

For lifestyle and food photography you can visit my website or send me an email to sofiaplanaphotography@gmail.com

// Personal //

-       Don’t be on a hurry

-       Writing for self discovery

-       A very messy forest


Hope you enjoy my adventures !


p.s : If you have any  questions you can send me and email to sofiaplanaphotography@gmail.com or visit my F.A.Q section!