Sunday at the Pumpkin Patch

This weekend I took Alexa to the Pumpkin Patch in Surrey… We’ve been looking forward to this plan for weeks ( well, at least I was ! ) . I’ve never been to one and also carving a pumpkin was something on this years autumn/ Halloween to do list !

I decided to go to the Crockford Bridge Farm , It was the first time I went there but their web and all the Halloween activities they had really caught my eye, and I wasn’t mistaken!

The patch was on one side of the farm, right next to the playground ( can you say perfect spot !?! ) , they had a wide range of pumpkins and squash… I really like the ghost pumpkins ( or at least that’s what the supermarket next to my home calls them ) and the flat squash , or squashed squash like Alexa calls them ( she found it hilarious ! ) . Plus I got to use my new rainboots that I have a felling I’ll be using a lot next week!v

My favorite thing was carving a pumpkin and her favorite thing was apple bobbing !  I was really looking forward to the spooky performance in the woods, but it wasn’t on yet, it was a shame but we still had a great time!!

The farm also has a lovely shop with lots of products , even a Spanish stand full of goodies from back home! There’s also a garden shop and a café with a softplay inside .. we didn’t get to try it but I’m sure we’ll come back soon!

We took home some more pumpkins and squashes, so I’ll be cooking some this week!

Alexa really got into the spooky pumpkins and she’s taken some of the ones from my decorations around the house and painted really scary  (painting them is a really good idea for kids that are too young to use a knife and really want to do everything by themselves ! )

crockford bridge farm pumpkin patch surrey carving halloween lon

So if you are near Surrey and looking for a fun thing to do with your kids, specially this week that’s half term, pop by Crockford Bridge farm for some spooktacular fun;)

I can’t wait until we are closer to Christmas and take Alexa to Santa’s secret forest there and maybe even getting a real tree this year!

Have a nice week !

Sofia x

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