DIY spring wreath { Easter decorations }

It’s officially Spring , and even though the weather might not have gotten the memo – seriously… just give us something above 12 degrees! –  This weekend I’ve started decorating our home for spring and of course Easter!

One of the things I made was this spring wreath . It’s  a super easy DIY that you can even do with your family and friends as a crafty evening plan.  You can also make it for Easter with decorations like bunnies and eggs etc.

For this you’ll need:

Rattan wreath


Ribbons or lace

Floral wire

Spring or Easter decorations (optional)

I used artificial flowers because I wanted the wreath to be part of the decoration for a long time (also I know myself, and considering we still have our Christmas wreath up I need something that last;)) But you can also do it with fresh flowers.  All you need extra is floral wire and/or tape for the stems and you’ll have to attached them in a similar way of the flower crown .

Ok, first you want to start by selecting your main flowers and then attached them with floral wire around the wreath, in my wreath my main flower was the peony.

Then I placed the rest of the flowers on either side. Since most of the artificial flowers have wire stems or hard plastics, I didn’t need to wire them, I just put them trough the rattan, like weaving.

I decided just to put flowers in half of the wreath, as I wanted the rattan to be visible as well. I added some ribbons and lace and also raffia to hang it, and that’s it! Your own spring wreath!

I wanted the wreath to be part of our Easter decorations, but I haven’t been able to find bunnies that went well with it, instead we found this super cute birds last Saturday, and since Alexa loved it so much is now hanging in her room.

I’ll share more about our Easter decorations soon : )

Have a lovely week everyone!

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