DIY wrapping paper

diy wrapping paper cute kids craft-9829

If your children likes drawing as much as mine they will love doing this DIY wrapping paper..It’s super easy and fun and it will make your gifts even more special plus they will be entertained for hours

We got the paper roll from Ikea, but you can get it in many stationary shops as well.  You can get as creative as you want… for this one we used pastels and glitter glue and stickers, as they get older you can even cut an glue different things..

after it’s dry ( as we used glue ) , just wrap the present and tie is with a bow or string .. this was a present for Alexa’s second cousin that just turned 2, so I added a little lolipop .. and  put the card on the side pocket:)diy wrapping paper cute kids craft-9842
and ta-dah!!  you’ve got one cute unique handmade wrapping ! Why not try this for mother’s day ? I’m sure all of us mums would love to get a cute handmade present:)

Have a nice weekend!

Sofia xx

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