easter cupcakes { baking with kids }

This is a classic recipe for baking with kids in Spain,  it’s the one we all learn when we are little because it’s so easy and don’t even need any measuring equipment as you use the use the yogurt pot to do it.

I use this recipe all the time and for so many things because  it’s so easy and Alexa loves baking with me. This time she did almost everything herself , we did loose a few eggs due to the excitement of breaking them,  but hey,  that’s part of the fun !

You’ll need:

1 small ( 150grs ) lemon yogurt

1 measurement  of light olive oil or sunflower oil

2 measurements of sugar

3 measurements of flour

3 eggs

1 tbs of baking powder ( or you can use self rising flour )

First we pour the yogurt on a bowl, I use lemon to add a bit of flavor, but you can use natural and add some lemon zest, or use any other flavor that you like as long as it’s not mousse, and I’ve never tried to do this with greek yogurt so not sure of the results. Coconut yogurt works really good too.

Ok, so we have the yogurt in a bowl and then we add the eggs and we mix them, either by hand or with an electrical mixer, then we add the oil, the sugar, and the flour with the baking powder, always mixing after adding each measurement.

Place the paper liners on the cupcake oven tin and pour mix onto each mold, aprox 2 spoons.  I always put a little bit of oil in the tin, and by little I mean it put some in my fingers and the rub it along the cupcake tin so that they don’t stick at the top.

Pre heat the oven to 180 and bake for 15 min or until a toothpick comes out dry. If you are using this for a cake you’ll have to bake it a bit longer, around 30/35 minutes.

Wait until cooled to remove them from the tray and decorate

This time we used green icing  and mini eggs as they are for the Easter parade at Alexa’s nursery.

For the icing I used half a small pack of whitworths icing sugar and I added spoons of water until I found the right texture for the mini eggs to stick, for me it was around 5 tbs. If you add too much water and it’s too runny you add more sugar.

I added yellow and blue food coloring until I had the right kind of bright green I liked and then I put the icing in a Ziploc and cut a very small side of one the corners to make a piping bag.  We did this muffins the night before so the icing was harder on the top  and the eggs wouldn’t fall on the way to nursery.

Like I said this recipe is great for cakes, sponges, muffins, cupcakes and you can add nuts, chocolate chips, anything you want ! Hope you like it!

Happy Easter break!!



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