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Ever since I found out about blog circles I’ve been dying to join one ( and I might have gone a bit crazy and joined 3 different ones.. you’ll see;))


But this one is special because if my first one and because it’s all about film and even though it this is the 3rd month the lovely ladies from Light Inspired let me join J


<3 Film


When I started taking photos and discovered this passion ( that went beyond taking my  point n click camera everywhere I went…) I started with film and for many years I didn’t own a DSLR…  Instead I had a Zenit,  Smena,  Fed5, Bochod and of course a Holga and LCA (among other Lomo cameras) .. and I was amazing! Every time I came back from the film shop and had a roll develop it was like Christmas morning!


Last week I had the same feeling… I got my Zenit from the shelved and open my secret film stash and because I new I was going to shoot mainly  inside I found the only ISO 800 I had ..


Now… before I use to shoot a lot of landscapes with my Zenit and OMG!! focusing a very active 2 year old was a challenge!! But over all I LOVE how they came out… I love the vintage feel and the grain they have…they look as if they came out my grandfather’s photo album J


Have a look … next month I think I’ll use some Ilford rolls I saw on the box J  Stay tuned !


Xx S


Check out the talented Stacy and her blog!




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