if we were having a coffee #3 { Happy Halloween }

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Good morning!! It’s becoming a Friday tradition to share my coffee with you in this 2.0 life and tell you all about what’s going on in my life…  grab your coffee or tea and join me, because this week I’ve got s lot to tell…

If we were having a coffee I would tell you Happy Halloween !! finally we can properly say it.. we’ve been really excited about it, specially Alexa as she’s been counting the sleep as if it was christmas  ! ( she’s really into spooky things now! ) . Yesterday we bought a nail art kit for her and I couldn’t help but trying it too… so I did those vampire & zombie nails last night ! We are going trick or treating tonight in west London and she can’t wait , well, neither can i;)

If we were having a coffee I would tell you that we’ve got a full house as my sister and nephews are in town visiting us for the half term. We’ve been doing a lot of touristy things in London, as let me tell you..the life of the tourist is hard work;)but we are having a great time and Alexa couldn’t been happier with her cousins… it’s shocking the amount of energy she has for a 4 year old, walking ( and running , jumping, climbing.. ) around town non stop without complaining once,  even my sister is shocked !

If we were having a coffee I would tell you that on Tuesday I went to Surrey to do a styled wedding photo session for the vintage wedding fair that I will be exhibiting on February and I can’t wait to start working on the photos.. it’s very hush hush so I won’t be able to share it until January, but I loved doing it and working with so many talented people!

If we were having a coffee I would tell you that I have to run and get ready because everybody is awake now and we’ve got another fun day planned ahead of us!:)so happy Friday everyone!! have a spooktacular day !!

What about you? What would you tell me if we were having a coffee?

Sofia x

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