{ Photo tips } Direct light vs Back light //Indoors//

If you know me personally or follow my work you know I love capturing every little instant of my life, and even more since I became a mother , over this four years I probably have more than 10000 photos of my daughter ! But more than posed photos of her, I love the natural moments, because they are full of her personality, her expression of concentration when she plays, her smile when she day dreams, her wiggly feet, her eyes… the list is never ending for me !If you ask any photographer what the most important thing for them is they will probably say the light. The same photo can be completely different depending of how much light there is and where it comes from. To quote Trent Park : “Light turns the ordinary into the magical”  .1523296_589279514482470_603315527_oIn my opinion, you don’t need an expensive camera to capture great photos of your family; some of my favorite family photos are with my phone, because of the moment and emotions captured. I also think you don’t need to know every little technical detail to take good family photos but learning how to control the light will definitely help you improve them, (as well was learning how to shoot in Manual, but that’s another story for later;)) These photos are taken at the same place at the same time with the same settings,  the only difference is where I was standing in reference of the light. They are also straight out of the camera  ( SOOC ) . Photoshop and all the editing softwares are great , but you have to have a good base product to start;)This photos were shot around 12pm, and on that moment there were a few clouds on the sky  and the light was coming though my bedroom window Direct light photos tend to have more details as they light the entire subject straight on and have fewer shadows, but sometimes it can be a bit “flat”  . Back light adds more “drama” to the photo and there it allows for more creativity.I encourage you to practice this, find a place with window light in your home where you can get direct light and back light, notice how the light falls on the subject and remember not to ask them to pose or say cheese, just observe them and you will capture great natural photos of your children being themselves, and those are the best memories to have.

Sofia x

PS: If you want to share the photos you take, with me, send me an email to sofiaplanaphotography@gmail.com  with the subject “Back light/Direct light” and I will select my favorites and the winner will have a 15% discount on an upcoming project  !

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