Instalove { october }

You all know how much I love Instagram. It’s my favorite social network by far! You can find so many talented and creative people there!  Transito Inicial // Laura Martinez // Formulas y Dreams // Drivic

A few weeks ago I started Hello Blogging Pro with the girls of Hello Creatividad ( and I couldn’t recommend their web and courses more, that’s if you speak Spanish , as they are from Spain. ) .

I’m sharing this course with so many amazing people, some I already new from previous courses and It’s always so inspiring to share a course with so many talented people.

Last week Make and share was to get to know more about each others  social media, and  share our favorites. It couldn’t be a more suitable “homework” as one of the new upcoming regular categories I’m planning to do is sharing some of my favorite Instragram profiles, AKA , InstaLove;)

So here is the first of many

Transito inicial : I love the simplicity and elegance of her profile. The white and wood… so Nordic <3 Maria is also the editor of Singulares Magazine, one of my favorite online publications.

LauraMartinezDr : She is the face behind La chimenea de las hadas , a blog and online shop for headpieces and accessories with a lot of style.  Again, I love the mix of white and wood, the soft colors

Formulas y Dreams: Yolanda’s instagram and blog are full of beautiful things and inspiration. I love the Nordic touch of her instagram , simple, elegant, white and wood.. ( I sense a pattern here;)but what can I say I love Nordic style! )

Drimvic : Anna writes the blog Drimvic, a lovely blog full of beautiful and inspiring things she finds . Her Instagram is full of color and happiness ( and some white and wood too;)) .  She recently planned an amazing dinner party, with another blogger and wedding planner, that I was so sad to miss specially after seeing all the beautiful photos on instagram and blogs! Hopefully I can make it to the next one!;)2014-10-14_0001It’s a pleasure sharing another course with all of  you talented ladies, hopefully we can share a coffee and put some faces to this 2.0 life, but in the meantime I’ll keep following your Instagrams and blogs ! <3


Sofia x

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  • October 15, 2014 - 9:13 am

    Mariquillasaez - Me ha encantado tu selección, ya te lo he dicho tb en IG, y había un perfil que no conocía, voy a buscarlo! A ver si me pongo yo con la selección de los perfiles del curso, pero es que no me dan las horas del día, arrrrrrgggggg!!!!! besitos.ReplyCancel

  • October 15, 2014 - 1:35 pm

    Anna {drimvic} - Sofía, no te imaginas la ilusión que me hace verme en tu blog o que pienses que mi instagram está lleno de color y felicidad! Me has alegrado el miércoles, de verdad! Muchísimas gracias :) 1besazo enorme! ***ReplyCancel

  • October 15, 2014 - 2:48 pm

    Yolanda Formulasydreams - Sofia!! Un millón de gracias por acordarte de mi!
    Es fantástico todo lo que nos está aportando los cursos de Hello!Creatividad
    Hay muchos talentos y aún no me podido decidir los míos. Pero lo que sí tengo clarísimo es que todas sois fantásticas!!
    Ya hace un año que nos conocemos desde el primer Hello Blogging y me alegra ver como ha ido creciendo tu blog, tus fotos siempre me han enamorado:)
    Un fuerte besote guapa!!ReplyCancel

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