My top christmas things!

1. Christmas markets !

One of the things I love about London is the amount of markets there are…  but if there’s something I love more is Christmas markets! The lights, the smell mmhhmm.. it reminds me of when me dad used to take me to get ornaments for the tree to the big market in Plaza Mayor in Madrid.

This year we are lucky enough to have a market  5 min from my house starting next week…  so far we’ve only been to winter wonderland and LOVED it!! Next will be South bank..or covent garden…or maybe both !

2. Christmas decorations

Well, I have to admit that a few years ago I was a bit of a Grinch… but since having A, Christmas is back to being a very special holiday… This year would be the first that she starts noticing things

It’s out first big Christmas tree… we made ornaments with salt dough (got that santa idea on pinterest… oh! I love pinterest!!)  I made an advent calendar  and she’s loving looking for the surprise every morning.. I can’t wait till Christmas day when she sees all the presents

3. Watching Love actually

This has to be one of my favourite movies… it reminds me of when E and I started to date…  and the fact that is set in Christmas makes it the best Christmas movie ever! : )  It’s becoming a new tradition to watch it on Christmas day and can’t wait to watch it again.. some people might thing it’s cheesy but “ to me it’s perfect “ ; )

4.  Christmas food


When I asked E what was his favourite thing about Christmas he said eating! And I would post a photo of our Christmas cookies except he ate them all…

I love candy cane!

5. Mulled wine

Well, technically this could go in the same category as Christmas food, but I find it so delicious that it gets it’s own! : )

I think the first time I tried it was when I first moved to London… “ hot wine with spices” ew I though.. but oh boy, was I wrong!

A nice mug of mulled wine to warm you up when it’s really cold out side , the smell of the orange and the spices.. mmhm.. it’s smells like Christmas to me!!

So there you go, that is my top 5 Christmas things… I guess I could also say Ice skating and snow.. but I’m sure there will be plenty of time for that later!


Merry Christmas!!



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