I love when people give photo sessions as a gift, it’s such a great memory…  and in this case Max wanted to give his wife a surprise photo session with their little girl : ) Best present ever !

You all know how much I love Greenwich Park… It’s amazing! … I love that in one area you have such a variety of spaces, from perfectly groomed roses to wilder nature ! and it makes a background for a perfect photo session no matter the season ! <3

So here are some of my favorite photos from that day.

At the beginning of the summer I went down to Surrey to photograph Lisa and Michael for their engagement. They wanted something intimate so they decided to take the photo in the back garden … and let me tell you, it was the perfect spot! Here is a sneak peek of what went down that day : )

… I loved meeting both of them and can’t wait to share with you their wedding day <3

I meet Jay and Min on Hampstead a few weeks ago to celebrate their engagement with this pre wedding photo session.

I love pre wedding photo sessions, getting to know the couple and planning something special and personal for them. We chose Hampstead because not only it  has the perfect village feel with lovely cafes, restaurants and pretty shops ( and of  course an amazing park ) it’s also where Min and Jay live, and it will be a great way to remember their time in England.

The Hill Garden and Pergola in Hampstead Heath is such a lovely place , it’s definitely going on my top ten places of the city!

I wish Jay and Min all the best with their wedding planning and married life ! <3


There’s a reason why they say “ there’s no place like home” ( specially if you don’t have a big pile of laundry waiting for you like I do now … but hey, that’s grown up life;) ) ; home it’s relaxing and it’s cozy, and that’s this engagement session was all about…

…you get to include your pets, I mean how cute is their bunny?

For me, this is the perfect relaxed evening, some cocktails in the house and a walk in the park to end the evening, especially if you discover amazing hidden gardens like this one!


Because really, there is no place like home;)

Sofia x

You know I’m a sucker for romance and I love that Heather and Andy were high school sweethearts and now they are husband and wife .

They got married at their local church in Erith and celebrated it at  the Tudor Barn in Eltham on what was the hottest day of the year at that point and with their family and friends and on top of that they had the most amazing sunset light!

I love when I get to be part of days like this.


 I’d say it was a good way to inaugurate this years wedding season, don’t you think?

Sofia x

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