Peggy Porschen & Dulwich Park engagement

Words cannot describe how fun this 2 day session was…

Charing and Pony flew from Hong Kong to the UK for their pre wedding / engagement photos. We’ve been whatsapping and sharing ideas on a pinterest board for months, so to say that I was excited about this session is an understatement!

For the first part, they wanted some London scene but not too touristic , so we went for champagne and cupcakes to Peggy Porschen’s Palour in Belgravia,  and we were lucky enough to meet Peggy herself, such a lovely and talented lady!


After the champagne we drove down to Dulwich for a delicious picnic  in Dulwich Park , I had to share one of my favourite spots in London with them : )

And you cannot come this lovely park without going for a boat ride on the  lake… <3

Come back tomorrow for the pre wedding part of the photo session in Bath and Surrey !

Have a nice Friday everyone!


S xx

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