Romantic anniversary date at St James park by The One Romance

Demi and Isaac where celebrating their 5th anniversary, and he decided to surprise her with a super romantic day out in London.

To help with the planning Isaac contacted  Amanda and Tiffany from The One Romance, experts in planning super romantic dates.

Their date was in St James park and the surprise started with a stranger handing them a note with a map. When they started the trail more strangers handing them love messages in bottles greeted them.The surprise ended with a song specially composed for them and umbrellas that read “ I love you” as a big finale .

After the message, Tiffany from The One Romance came to say hello to Isaac and Demi, who was still so surprised by all of it , and we went for a mini photo session around the park.

It was a super romantic surprise that had Demi in tears of joy, I mean who wouldn’t ; )

So there you have it folks, if you are looking to plan a special date, proposal or anniversary make sure you contact The One Romance, after all , they are the love experts !

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