Lemonade stand { taster session in the park }

Last month I had the pleasure of pairing up with The Bridge for a taster session day in  East Greenwich Pleasaunce. I had a great time and meet a lot of lovely families and on top of that the weather was fantastic!

You know how much I love themes so I decided to create a little lemonade stand in the park and it was such a hit! All the kids loved the lemons, specially the little ones… so there you go mums and dads… when you don’t know what to play with your little ones in the house just get some lemons and a basket !;)

There’s so many lovely photos that I’ve decided to split it into two posts..so here is part 1 of the taster session.

Last but not least, a big THANK YOU  to Kelly and the ladies from The Bridge and all the families that came for a taster session! There will be more to come so keep an eye on the facebook page







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