Because I love making list as much as Rob Gordon, here is the first  of the new  Top 5  category ; )  And since it’s Easter week all we can think in this house is bunnies and eggs… well, and chocolate:).. so here our top 5 Easter cuteness !

1. Rice krispies Marshmallow eggs  2. Mini Piñatas from Oh!Happy Day   3. Alexa’s bunnies , Grey one from Zara Home ( Had it since I was 5 months pregnant! : ) ) and white from Bunnies by the bay ( present from her auntie Maggie! ; ) )  4. Bunny trousers from H&M   5. Peggy Porschen bunny cookie box (YUM!)

Bonus: The Bunny lamp from the rice krispies photo is from Rigby and Mac

Happy Easter everyone!!!

Sofia xx



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